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Retirement Dictionary is a service of Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc.
The governing rules and regulations related to retirement plans are complex and challenging to both individual taxpayers as well as some financial professionals.  A significant portion of the material available was too technical, and changed frequently. As a result of the complexity and frequent changes, many found it difficult to understand the rules as well as to keep pace with the numerous changes. Further, errors, which often times resulted in the loss of tax-deferred status for retirement accounts- along with IRS assessed penalties, could frequently be attributed to the lack of comprehension of the rules and regulations.  In an effort to ameliorate the situation, was started to provide the information in a form and manner that is easily understand by individuals at all levels of expertise , and to help educate everyone who ever wanted to understand how retirement plans work.
The content on the site includes:
§ Definitions,
The information is made available to users free of cost.
Since it was launched in January of 2006, Retirement Dictionary has experienced continued growth in user-ship and has been mentioned in various news media including the Wall Street Journal and Market
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