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Must have for financial and tax professionals:IRA...

Must have for financial and tax professionals:...

Calculators, forums, articles and more on 72(t) and 72(q) /SEPP Plans. Includes RMD Calculators...


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You Asked Us... and We Answered

  • I requested $100,000 in rollover eligible assets from my 401(k) account, but I had the amount paid to me. My employer withheld 20% for federal taxes, so I received only $80,000. I want to rollover the entire $100,000. Should my employer refund the amount they withheld for taxes to me?

  • My client inherited an IRA from his aunt in 2006. She was 75-years of age when she died. However, he did not understand the rules and failed to distribute his required minimum distribution (RMD) amount by the December 31 ,2007 deadline. What should he do?